Metal Roof Installation

The benefits of metal roofs and the look of a metal roof on a home are well worth the investment a home owner can make. However, the cost is substantial due to the price of material and time it takes to install a metal roof properly. Often, home owners are short changed on the install technique and attention to detail when installing a metal roof. A metal roof installer can cut a lot of costs during an install in a number of ways that the home owner may not see for five to ten years. Here is a short list of items to consider, and a video showing a metal roof that was replaced because of a bad install.

  1. Lifetime Screws on Exposed Fastener Roofs
  2. Seam Tape Between the Panels
  3. Removal of the Old Roof
  4. Complete Dry in with Quality Underlayment
  5. Ice and Water Shield Protection in Vulnerable Areas

If you have and further questions or would like more information about metal roofing click the link below.

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