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Rock-Crete is looking help our customer become more informed. We have a number of articles on our web site and feel free to contact us if you have a question.

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Metal Roof Installation

The benefits of metal roofs and the look of a metal roof on a home are well worth the investment a home owner can make. However, the cost is substantial due to the price of material and time it takes to install a metal roof properly. Often, home owners are short changed…

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Equipter and Netting System in Place

How to Keep a Job Site Clean

Anytime you have construction going on at your home, the mess is always the biggest concern. For a clean job site and increased efficiency we have invested in our customers. The Equipter is a self propelled small dump trailer specially made for the roofing industry. In the short video we illustrate how…

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Aerial View of Shingle Roof

How to Avoid Future Deductibles

There are all types of shingles and manufacturers with all types of warranties from 25 to 50 year warranties, but some can help you avoid future deductibles. Here is some insight into what to do, and how to help you cut through all the noise and claims that roofing companies pitch to…

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