Top Historical Attractions In Bryan

Bryan is a pretty historic town located in the heart of Texas. The city was formally founded in 1855 by William Joel Bryan, whose grandfather was one of the founders of the state of Texas. The city is home to many attractions, historic buildings and sites on the National Register Of Historic Places. The town is an excellent place for those who love history and are interested in learning more about the small yet dynamic towns that make up the state of Texas. If you’re eager to do some exploration, these are some of Bryan’s top historical sites:

museum Bryan, TX

Brazos Valley African American Museum

The Brazos Valley African American Museum provides visitors to explore and uncover the cultural history of African Americans. Built on the site of one of the original black schools in the Brazos Valley, the museum is the first museum dedicated to African American history and culture in the Brazos Valley. Its exhibitions include artifacts exploring the African American experience, artifacts from the African continent, civil war, and civil rights movement memorabilia and history.

Brazos Valley Museum Of Natural History

The Brazos Valley Museum Of Natural History tells the story of the Brazos Valley, all the way from the prehistoric animals that roamed these plains, the first Native American tribes to trek across the valley, and eventually the Anglo colonizers that ultimately settled in the area. It also offers visitors the opportunity to learn about Bryan’s natural habitat and how it changed and evolved over the centuries.

George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

While not exactly in Bryan, but in the metropolitan area of Bryan-College Station, you’ll find the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. The museum gives visitors an in-depth look into the eight years that President George H.W. Bush was in office. It highlights some of the important issues that his office dealt with, legislation passed as well as historical events that took place during his presidency.