A universal truth of owning a home is that eventually the roof will either need to be repaired or replaced. When minor damage occurs to your roof, it’s important to have repairs done immediately to avoid further and more costly damage. The first thought many people have when they notice damage to their roof is: 

What is this going to cost me?

Average Roof Repair Cost in Bryan

The average cost to repair a roof in Bryan is between $1,100 and $1,550. The final cost of the repair will be depending on a variety of factors, so there’s no way to give an accurate estimate online, but the experts at Rock-Crete Foam Insulators & Roofing in Bryan, TX are always ready to provide you with a complimentary roof report specific to your roof. 

Factors That Impact Roof Repair Cost

When your roof in Bryan is damaged, there are a variety of different factors that will impact the cost of the repair. 

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Roof Material

The material that your roof is made from will be one of the most important aspects in determining the final cost of your roof repair. The specific roofing system on your home will affect the cost due to the varying costs of materials as well as the labor costs associated with each material. 

Asphalt Shingle Roof: Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common and popular roofing system in Bryan due to their affordability, durability, and longevity. Because they are easy to install and access, they’re also typically easy and less costly to repair. 

Metal Roof: Metal roofing systems can be expensive on the front end, but are very durable and long-lasting which has aided in their growing popularity for Bryan homeowners. Fortunately, metal roofs rarely need to be repaired, but the repairs will often be more expensive than asphalt shingle roof repairs. 

Extent of the Damage

How much of your roof was damaged? It may seem obvious, but the surface area of the roof that has been damaged will play a big role in the cost to repair the roof. As a general rule, larger areas of damage will be more costly to repair, but this isn’t always the case as we’ll explore in the next point. 

Type of Damage

The type of damage to the roof will also impact the cost of the repair. A metal roof with a small, one-foot by one-foot hole punched all the way through the decking could end up being more expensive to repair than a much larger ten-foot by ten-foot area of bent or missing shingles.  

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Accessibility of Damage

How easy is it to get to the damaged part of the roof? For that matter, how easy is it to access your roof in general? If your property is difficult to reach or the damage on the roof is in a hard-to-access area it could cost more money to perform the repair due to the need for specialized equipment or tools.  

Is It Better to Repair or Replace Your Damaged Roof?

If your Bryan roof is damaged, you may find yourself wondering if it’s better to repair the roof or replace it completely. When you’re trying to make this decision, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of each option, keeping the following in mind: 

  • Age of the Roof
  • Extent of the Damage
  • Type of Damage
  • Future Plans for Home

Has your Bryan roof sustained damage that needs to be repaired? Contact Rock-Crete Foam Insulators & Roofing, today, to see how we can help!