BTU Customers get a Rebate with New Insulation

BTU Customers get a Rebate with New Insulation

The purpose of the BTU SmartHOME program is to incentivize customers to invest in energy efficiency improvements for their homes, focusing on those that strengthen the building envelope, thus improving the home’s ability to avoid heat loss or gain.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be an owner of a single- or multi-family permanent dwelling within BTU territory. (Mobile homes, additions, and RVs do not qualify.)
  • Projects must have been completed within the current fiscal year, October 1 through September 30 of each year.
  • The home must have electric central heat and air conditioning.
  • Installed one or more of the following approved measures:
    • Attic or exterior wall insulation
    • Energy Star® rated windows (entire window replacement, not just glass)
    • Solar screens

A complete SmartHOME Packet includes:

  1. A completed SmartHOME application.
  2. Invoice(s) for work or receipt(s) for materials (if self-installed.)
  3. Before pictures.
  4. After pictures.

BTU reserves the right to physically inspect, pre- or post-completion, to ensure that the project meets the program guidelines.

Smog-Reducing Shingles

Smog-Reducing Shingles

The granules absorb smog, then when it rains is washes off and becomes Fertilizer. That along with the recycled content is equivalent of reducing two tires in landfill and planting two grown trees in your yard! Rock-Crete Rocks! We are proud to have instrumental in bringing A better product to the market! None of the many roofs we installed last year received damage! Class 3 hail resistant product!

5 Benefits for Spray Foam

5 Benefits for Spray Foam

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Spray foam insulation is one of the most popular insulation methods to date. It was first introduced in 1980 and quickly became the popular insulation method among commercial and residential complexes. It is famous because of its low energy cost, high energy saving, and comfortable living environment. This has led to many renowned Spray foam companies in Toronto.

The exterior and interior spray foam insulation is the famous commercial building spray foam insulation in Mississauga, ONThere are many other benefits of spray foam insulation in buildings. Everyone loves working in a safe space, be it the house or the office. Therefore, the commercial building owners spend a good amount of money making their building structurally safe and sound. They also make several additions to the buildings like spray foam insulation, fire-resistant intumescent paints, etc.

The interior and exterior spray foam has many benefits both for the commercial building owners and people working in it. There are two types of commercial insulation. Spray foam insulation is more famous than fiberglass insulation. Some of the benefits of spray foam insulation are given below-

1.   Highly Energy Efficient

One of the most significant advantages of foam insulation is that it is highly energy efficient. The spray foam traps the heat and covers any kind of leakage. The reduced heating and air decrease the heating and cooling equipment installed in commercial buildings. The commercial building owners save a lot of money by opting for spray foam insulation. It increases the longevity of their machinery, decreases the chance of leakages, and does not have to worry about energy wastage.

2.   Less Rotting and Molds

People often come across roof and wall leakages in the building, which is not a good indication that the molds and bacterias will follow soon after the leakage. Frequent leakages can also weaken the building and don’t destroy the building.

Good spray foam creates an air barrier and lets the moisture pass through. It is also waterproof. So, the moisture is reduced, and humidity is eliminated. Therefore, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.

3.   Temperature Control

The outside temperature always poses a threat to the inside temperature. On cold winter days and hot summer days, office goers in commercial buildings have to stand by managing the thermostat. However, with spray foam insulation installed in the building, people don’t have to worry about erratic temperatures.

The heat insulation keeps the temperature at a standard level, and people don’t have to face erratic temperature changes. It retains the heat in winters, and the tightest seal maintains the cool temperature in summers.

4.   Improved Air Quality Index

Maintaining good air quality is essential in any commercial building or residential area. If one stays in poor air quality for long hours, there can be negative consequences on the lungs and other body parts. One may suffer from breathing problems, continuous sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, allergies, etc.

The spray foam insulation acts as a barrier to the entry of pollens, dust, allergens, etc. The insulation is entirely air-tight, preventing the outer air and dust from entering the office space. Therefore, less dust equals improved air quality and fewer allergies.

5.   Easy to Install and Long-Lasting

The spray foam insulations are very easy to install; the experts of Spray foam companies in Toronto only have to load the spray foam mixture and spread it off the walls and floors of the commercial building and then even it out. However, though it is easy to install, many health hazards are involved in the spray paint business. The chemicals used for making spray foams are toxic and dangerous. They can cause asthma, irritation, breathing problems, etc.

The other benefit of spray foam is that spray foams are long-lasting and do not require any replacement for years compared to other heating insulation options. It is also low maintenance and environmentally friendly. So, one doesn’t have to worry about harming the environment due to commercial building spray foam insulation in Mississauga, ON.


Spray foams are essential for commercial buildings because they are good insulators and because they are fire and water-resistant. Spray foam insulation is a bit expensive insulation, but the benefits and longevity of the spray foams make the spray foam insulation an intelligent choice.

Clean Up is Always a Problem

In the past it seemed that not matter how much we cleaned up and swept the yard for nails the customer would still find a few strays. Taking that into consideration we invested the Catch All system that not only protects the landscaping, but it also collects all the debris and nails on easy to carry breathable tarps. Here are few photos of the system in action.