At the start of May, the Brazos Valley was swept up in a flurry of storms. What started as a hot and humid spring quickly turned into a dark and gloomy start to the month. Warm and muggy conditions filled the air as meteorologists warned residents to stay inside and out of danger.

The deep rumbles of the spring storm echoed across the Brazos Valley. Some residents were greeted by the month of May with a heavy pelt of golfball-sized hail. Several residents took to social media to document the hail fall in their area. The hail affected many homes, with some residents suffering some dents to their rooftops and cracked skylights. As the storm progressed, the Brazos Valley was placed on a Tornado watch as wind speeds picked up to 70mph and heat conditions increased.

Scattered thundershowers were spotted across the valley, and residents were warned to drive with caution due to slippery roads. Three roads in Robertson County were completely flooded. Residents were told to turn around if they came across a flooded street as even a little water could cause vehicles to hydroplane. Frequent lightning strikes were spotted across the area as each strike lit up the night sky in a dazzling display.

Spring Storm Brazos Valley

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High winds were reported across the area as they caused widespread power outages and significant roofing damage to the homes in Brazos Valley.

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